"Life is about moments. Photography is about art."

Artist / Producer

I am producing and publishing music as Ceekae. Here you can listen to my latest records and productions. Lately I'm featuring a great singer and artist called Mari. We recently published two of her own first songs. You can listen to them below.

The End - Mari

Mari's latest single is called 'The End' and was published on May 2016.

Eye To Eye - Mari

Mari's very first single is called 'Eye To Eye' and was published on March 2016.

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Bright - Echosmith - Isabel Burrer & CK Cover

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Hi everybody! Glad to meet u here :)

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Hi there! My name is Chris aka Ceekae and I'm music producer. Actually I'm a just kinda creative person cause I like to create things, wether it is music, photography, arts or anything else that let u create amazing things. I started studying brand management and business management, but my heart belongs to music. So I switched to audio production and follow my dream as a music producer.

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